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OnDemand Software Features

Cloud Storage

All the OnDemand systems are stored on the secure Windows Azure Cloud platform giving you worldwide access to your project information with world class security. You are able to download and view, share and print all of your drawings, plans, correspondence and reports via one secure login system.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time project reports can be created at the click of a button through all the OnDemand systems. Quickly check progress using a simple traffic light system and identify issues and potential risks facing your projects. Custom reports can also be created for individuals to highlight information tailored to their needs.

Industry Compliant

All the OnDemand suite of products are based around industry standards and contain forms and processes compliant with NEC3®, JCT and FIDIC. All forms on the system can be configured to your requirements including matching the layout and branding of your existing paper forms.

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What We Do

We specialise in developing construction project and contract management software systems, that meet the specific needs of contractors and project managers to successfully manage their projects. Our range of products combines multiple capabilities to bring every aspect of the project, from tender to handover, into a single platform that is accessible online from anywhere, anytime.

Contractors, developers, project managers and consultants get detailed, real-time visibility over every aspect of the construction project delivery process. Identify better tenders using business data, get teams communicating and collaborating, and reduce administration burdens to deliver better value to your clients.

Everything you need to deliver better projects in one easy-to-use platform, all hosted on professional secure cloud hosting.

Construction Project Management Software

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