Successful Project Manager Strategies in Construction

Project Manager Strategies

The fundamental attitudes and behaviours of project manager strategies can be transferred to most industries to perform successfully, delivering a project on time and on budget. The difference in construction project management begins with having an in depth and constantly developing knowledge of this unique and complicated sector.

Successful project managers in construction recognise all tools which are available to help them achieve their targets. Whether this be people, strategies or software, identifying the correct tool to aid with each potential issue, and applying the tool is half the battle won.

Below we look into some of these tools, which are a step further than the fundamental project management basics:

1. Strategic Communication

Any reputable list of project manager strategies will agree that communication is key when dealing with all levels of suppliers, subcontractors and anyone else who plays a key part in delivering the project. Establishing the process of types of communication at the very beginning of the project must happen, especially when it comes to NEC contracted projects.

Good news and bad news are just as important as each other, and streamlining the process, making all communication transparent will minimise the amount of information to sift through, making the project run as smooth as possible.

2. Stop, Listen and Ask

When was the last time you saw a successful project manager sat behind their desk? Hopefully, the answer would be never. Even given all of the tools available to help manage projects, the fundamental practice of walking and talking will always be one of the foundations of being able to look at the project objectively.

Being able to physically see problems can help in successfully working to provide the best solutions. Having the opportunity to talk with people about their specific area of skill can also provide new and innovative solutions to problems in the ever-evolving construction industry. Continual education and analysis with the professionals in each field will ensure the best possible outcome for the project.

3. Continually Plan

Planning as a construction project manager should begin well before the project starts, and should continue right through until the very end of the project. Anyone deemed successful will tell you the best way of achieving results is through forming good habits, and making a habit of continually planning is no exception to this rule. As construction projects unfold, many unexpected occurrences will take place which requires continual planning to be a fundamental of construction project management.

4. Automate Reporting

Admin can be the bane of any manager’s working day, and identifying ways of minimising the amount of time your head is stuck in spreadsheets and documents is a must. Every project manager will have to report on progress of the project at regular intervals, meaning a certain degree of admin is necessary.

Being able to use various tools which can collate and present data in clear and concise ways will save a project manager a lot of time when it comes to reporting. Having the ability to access real-time reporting will also allow the project manager to give updates on progress at any time, as well as offering the ability to constantly analyse the progress of the project, making the continual planning behaviour possible.

5. Use Software Management Tools

With the digital evolution well under way, the use of software to help manage process, procedure and almost anything management related is becoming the norm. Part of the problem this can create is identifying the correct software package to best suit your project’s needs. Taking into consideration the vast number of tasks and issues a project manager can face daily can pose the problem of prioritising what can be handled by a program, and what needs hands on attention.

Our specialist NEC3 contract management software is specifically designed to help you with these project manager strategies and to get the best out of your NEC contract managed project, assisting with important aspect of the contract such as early warning management, contract compliance, payment management and a variety of other tasks. To find out how we can help, feel free to get in touch.