NEC3 Contract Projects: Bradford Royal Infirmary

bradford royal infirmary

We recently wrote about the prolific NEC3 contract managed Great Ormond Street Hospital project as part of our NEC3 contract managed project series of articles. In this instalment of the series, we will be looking into another NEC / NHS project which posed an even more complex managerial process – The New Hospital Wing at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Bradford Royal Infirmary: Timescale and Cost

The Bradford Royal Infirmary project was started in May 2015, with the main contract being awarded to BAM Construction at a value of £20.3m through the Procure21+ framework; the entire development estimated at £28m. The final touches were complete over the past few weeks, drawing a close to the 80 week construction programme. The new wing required 7500 tonnes of earth to be removed and utilised 250 construction workers over the course of 18 months.

Key Numbers

The new development has provided the hospital with a further 80 beds and 52 toilets, as well as 35 new disabled car parking spaces. There are 3 new lifts installed, 279 new rooms over a staggering 6580m2 of new floor space!

For the construction numbers fanatics: the project used 4500m2 of new roofing, 3000m3 of concrete and 725m2 of glass! Not a small project by any means, especially when you consider the following…

Significant Obstacles

Most NEC3 managed projects always present a number of hurdles to overcome when adhering to the requirements of the client, and this project in particular required an extremely precise style of NEC management.

During the course of the project, the construction was taking place alongside live care wards – an extremely high risk environment. The close proximity to these live care wards posed a potential threat to the running of the day-to-day operations. As the new wing links up directly to the existing hospital on levels two and three, the margin for error was minimal.

A quote from Matt Garnett, a BAM Construction manager about the Bradford Royal Infirmary project: “It is a challenge. The structure we are building is almost surrounded by live hospital. We can only access from one elevation and that impacts the work we are carrying out.”

The Contract

The NEC contract type assigned to the Bradford Royal Infirmary project was the Traditional NEC3 option B. The main contractor was BAM construction, the UK based construction and building design contractor. The client was Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS foundation Trust as part of a £75m investment on improving patient care in their hospitals. With the contract value at £20m on an 18 month timeframe, the project was delivered on time and on budget, being complete early this year.

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