NEC3 Contract Projects: The Triangle at Cambridge University

Triangle at Cambridge University

Welcome back to the latest instalment of our series of articles looking into recent and current NEC3 managed projects, today we’re looking at The Triangle at Cambridge University. If you’ve even been in or around Cambridge, you’ll have had a hard time not noticing the vast amount of cranes scattering the skyline as the city is currently one of the most saturated places in the UK for current construction projects!

The Triangle is a large construction project in Cambridge for the University of Cambridge. The building is to house offices for the company Cambridge Assessment who are responsible to the examination board. The company currently employs thousands of staff covering the entire city, but now wants to place the work force in one place in a purpose built office building to improve communication and efficiency.

Timescale and Cost

The project has a design-and-build NEC3 contract valued at £126m. Having started in September 2015, the estimated completion date is the end of 2017, a deadline that project director Neil Pixley of Bouygues UK is confident his team will achieve.

Talking about the project, Neil states, “We are where we want to be in terms of the programme. It is a challenging project to complete within the two years, but I think one of the reasons we won the contract was because we could hit the target.”

Design and Construction for The Triangle at Cambridge University

The new building will consist of two four-storey blocks located at the north and south of the triangular design. These two blocks are linked by a three-storey glass glazed atrium in the middle of the complex. Three more sections of building will jut out at the northern side of the building which will surround podium-level courtyards, while the southern block curls around its own secluded courtyard as it is surrounded by road, rail and bus routes.

The Project

The Triangle at Cambridge University is gaining a significant amount of attention, mainly due to it’s very modern design in the aesthetically traditional city. The new office development is designed to provide accommodation to one of the city’s most prolific employers. The company Cambridge Assessment is responsible for the management and operations of the university’s exam boards internationally, leading the way in international academic and operational research in education.

The Contract

The main contractor awarded with this NEC3 contract managed project is Bouygues UK – one of the UK leading construction companies, having won awards for development and regeneration projects across public and commercial private sectors. The client is Cambridge Assessment, the University of Cambridge’s international examination group.

The contract type is the NEC3 option A, with a value of £126m. Started in September 2015, the project is due to end towards the end of 2017.

Subcontractors involved for The Triangle at Cambridge University are: Piling Subcontractor – Fayat Piling; and M&E subcontractor – Allied M&E Services.

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