Agile project management software

Maintain Focus and Visibility for Efficient Agile Project Management

Our Agile project management software is built to improve visibility and increase efficiency for teams working on IT projects.

Reduce initiations of projects that don’t offer solid ROI, and keep commencements on track with detailed user stories and Agile Kanban Boards that provide clear, visual workflows that help teams achieve more, faster. AGILE’s secure Microsoft Azure hosting allows project managers to run developments across distributed teams with a detailed User Management system for clearly defining roles and responsibilities.

AGILE identifies development inefficiencies to improve performance on future projects, and the platform’s Agile Methodology foundation means it seamlessly adapts to changing project parameters through shorter planning cycles.

How OnDemand AGILE Project Management Software Supports You

Analyse your IT project in greater detail to determine the potential ROI before making an Accept/Decline decision. By confirming the project aligns with your high-level company objectives and assessing its requirements against your team’s ability to perform the work, team leads and project managers reduce wasted efforts on unsuitable IT projects.

Gain better visibility of workflows and task ownership to improve efficiency with dedicated Agile Kanban Boards. Completely editable column specifications with attachable notes, comments and documents mean your project resources and instructions can be quickly accessed, implemented and completed, for full progress transparency.

The Agile methodology’s flexible approach to software development adapts to changing IT project parameters during development with quick turnaround on shorter planning cycles. Active stakeholder involvement and continuous team interaction improves productivity and boosts creativity in building unique solutions.

OnDemand AGILE tracks interactions and performance across the system to produce detailed reports for assessing progress. By identifying development or procedural inefficiencies, project managers can refine development processes to deliver better ROI on future projects.