Construction Tender Management Software

Identify and Manage Better Tenders to Improve Business Performance

OnDemand BID was designed to help developers improve their bidding processes to be more competitive in their market.

Our construction tender management software compares initial tender information with past project data to calculate the suitability of upcoming projects, allowing developers to quickly identify and pursue the types of projects that offer the best returns for them.

The entire bid, from early suitability assessment through to the awarding of the contract, is easily managed through our complete bid management system with configurable stage-gates for increased transparency.

With data supporting the decision-making process, developers can expose valuable business opportunities and reduce wasted time pursuing unsuitable tenders.

How OnDemand Construction Tender Management Software Supports You

Our bid management system considers data from previous jobs to calculate a score that indicates whether the bid is worth pursuing based on the project’s likelihood of success. This data includes the company’s history, the value of the project, and the projected available resources at commencement. Basing business decisions on real business data exposes valuable tender opportunities and lowers the risk for stakeholders.

Configure the system to adhere to your existing processes to add vital procedural structure with minimal disruption. Continue working your way, with the benefit of data-driven support when making critical business decisions.

Configure bespoke stage gates and control their sign-off details to pursue the bid in a way that satisfies your own compliance requirements. Add checklists at each stage so bids can be continuously assessed and adjusted if necessary to keep things on track and increase your chances of securing the contract.