NEC3 Contract Management Software

Compliance, Communication and Collaboration for Simple NEC3 Contract Management

OnDemand NEC3 CONTRACT is our dedicated NEC3 contract management software that removes the hassle from handling contract compliance and change management in construction projects.

Developed alongside experienced NEC3 consultant and trainer, Steven C Evans, the platform is easy to use and encourages communication for increased visibility when making change decisions in line with NEC3 contract management standards.

Our NEC3 contract management software was designed specifically to promote collaboration between multi-location teams and bring transparency to project conversations. A reliable audit trail supports this system by tracking the delivery of early warnings, project management instructions, compensation events and approvals in real-time to keep construction project delivery on schedule and on budget.

Spend less time coordinating contract updates so teams in the field can begin implementing change instructions as soon as they are issued.

How OnDemand CONTRACT Supports You

OnDemand CONTRACT’s early warning system highlights potential risks before they become a problem. Ensure any risks that may delay completion or push the project beyond budget are properly flagged to NEC3 standards. CONTRACT reduces your exposure to risk, and allows the fast implementation of collaborative preventative and contingency actions where necessary to minimise the time spent addressing issues.

Construction project delivery always involves variations, revisions, and compensation events. OnDemand CONTRACT provides comprehensive change management through contractually compliant forms, templates and processes built into the system. Every contractual iteration, from early warnings and compensation event notices, to submission and acceptance of quotes, is recorded to ensure contract compliance so consultants can handle changes more efficiently.

CONTRACT complies with the forms and language set out by NEC3 contract management standards, with additional support for JCT and FIDIC to cover a broad range of industries. As a result, the platform seamlessly handles contract management processes such as Early Warning, and Compensation Events. CONTRACT also compliments specialist frameworks such as ProCure 21+.

In line with NEC3, CONTRACT allows you to manage payments either by Activity Schedule or BOQ, depending on your ECC option. Manage all payment applications through to payment certificates being issued. The CONTRACT payments system gives you a better understanding of the financial pipeline for planning and dealing with payments in line with your NEC3® Contract.

We’re currently working on the update of providing cover for NEC4. The new suite of contracts has been improved and streamlined following industry review and feedback, as well as taking into consideration Government priorities and emerging best practice.

At OnDemand we’re also working on a JCT version of the software to cover all of their suite of contracts for construction contracts. We’ll be bringing our years of software development experience, simple and easy to use cloud based systems and looking to add to our offering to all clients.

If you’ve got any interest in being a trialist for these updates, then please let us know.

NEC3 Contract Management Software

To find out more information about how our NEC3 Contract Management Software can help you run your contract to the NEC3 standards then feel free to contact us.