Construction Project Delivery Software

Everything You Need for Effective Construction Project Delivery

OnDemand’s purpose-built construction project delivery software is an all-in-one platform that helps developers, consultants and contractors collaborate to improve efficiency in construction project delivery.

We built it around an online document storage system that gives on-site teams instant access to updated instructions to increase visibility and ensure contractors follow the correct processes and procedures without any delays. This also allows contractors to communicate early warnings of risks that may lead to additional quoting for timing or costing, so project managers can make more informed decisions to deal with change early.

Construction Project Delivery Software

The OnDemand PMO platform seamlessly fits with your existing processes and complies with NEC3® contract management, as well as JCT and FIDIC, with automatic reports to keep stakeholders informed.

From bid and design to completion and handover, OnDemand PMO supports your construction project management processes to deliver better projects on time and on budget.

How OnDemand PMO Supports You

OnDemand PMO’s cloud-based document management system removes delays when requesting approvals of documents, drawings, sub-contractors and materials, with registers to clearly indicate outstanding approvals with a countdown to the specified date. The system’s Submission-Approval-Response process automatically logs details for full communication transparency, with hierarchical user levels ensuring documents are shared only with the appropriate people.

Our construction project delivery software allows consultants and developers to manage the site as if they are actually there. Supervise site diaries and photos and keep on top of plant and labour returns. Log health and safety observations with closeout once completed to maintain compliance. And manage inspections of work and material through to snagging without leaving the office.

During construction project delivery, OnDemand PMO registers changes to the planned works and tracks any variations that occur. This up-to-date information is available for reporting at any point during the project to give developers and consultants an instant understanding of cost variances for improved financial planning.

The platform’s reporting and logged communications data expose linkages and dependencies between projects in your portfolio to identify future business strategies that play to your company’s strengths. By understanding what projects worked best in the past, PMO customers can define a future strategy that aligns their portfolio with the types of projects that offer the best results.